Now that you have installed the Zoom Meeting Assistant, here is some information to get you started.

What does the Zoom Meeting Assistant do?

Zoom Meeting Assistant uploads your local Zoom Meeting recordings to Voicegain Transcribe App. It runs in background in the Widows Tray and watches the Zoom recordings directory for any new recordings.

Anything I need to do when I launch Zoom Meeting Assistant the first time?

Yes. Three things.

Transcribe App Credentials

First you need to provide your credentials for logging into the Transcribe App. Zoom Meeting Assistant needs them to upload the recordings for transcription.

Right click on the Tray icon and the select "Log into Voicegain ..."

Now enter the credentials and click Login. We suggest you choose to Remember credentials. The credentials will be saved in the Microsoft Credential Manager so they will be safe.

You will get a confirmation via Windows Notifications (lower right screen corner) that the login was successful.

Verify that the selected target Project is the one you want.

Zoom Meeting Assistant uploads the recordings to one of your Transcribe App Projects. Initially Zoom Meeting Assistant selects one of the projects as the target. It is good to verify that it is the Project you want and if not you can change to a different Project. 

In the case shown above only one project was available in the Transcribe App.

Set a threshold for processing existing Meeting Recordings.

When launched for the first time, Zoom Meeting Assistant will likely discover a lot of older Zoom Recordings. If you want you can upload all of them to the Transcribe App. The threshold of how far in the past Zoom Meeting Assistant will look for the existing Recordings can be set in Settings.

Anything I need to do on the Zoom App?

Yes. You need to enable local recording and set the local recordings to 

From the Zoom desktop app click on the Settings (the gear icon in the top-right).

BTW, you should leave the default location for the recordings unchanged. Current version of the Zoom Meeting Assistant supports only the default location. In the near future we will support custom recordings location.

Do I need to do anything during the Meeting to get the recording transcribed?

Of course you need to start a local recording.

You may also invite the Zoom Meeting assistant to the Meeting. This will give you the following two benefits:

  • You will get proper names of the participants
  • You will see the names of non-speaking participants in the Transcribe App in the transcript details (coming in version 1.63.0)
  • Additional features will be added in future versions. For example reporting when someone entered/left meeting, chat content, etc.

You can get the Zoom Meeting Assistant to join the meeting in two ways:

Join Meeting from Tray App

From the Tray app:

Which will open a dialog that takes the Meeting ID and Password:

Join Meeting from Zoom App (Copy Link method)

From the Zoom Meeting Information (top-left corner of the Zoom meeting in progress):

Once open, you just need to click on "Copy Link" which will pass the meeting link to the Zoom Meeting Assistant and allow it join the Zoom meeting


Info about the versions (releases) of the Zoom Meeting Assistant can be found in this Article.